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If you have a favorite craft you’d like to nominate for our Top 100 Crafts – it is very simple to submit your entry. Here is what you will need to have and how you submit your craft:

  • To submit a site for consideration, please have a picture of the craft, or a video that is showing the craft being made.
  • Give the project a meaningful title – so people will understand what it is about.
  • Explain the craft in the Content section – describe the craft project and tell us what you love about it! What makes it unique?

Be as detailed as possible when you submit your entry. Also be sure to choose the category that best fits your craft – this helps people find it if they are interested in a particular type of project- if there isn’t one, just choose “Uncategorized” and we will find or add one.

Don’t forget to site the source of the project in the Source box! Crafts will NOT be approved unless we can link back to the source for credit. This is the URL (like http://thecraftsiteIfoundtheproject.com) where you found the project, or the link to the craft project on your site.

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