How to Make Felted Soap

If you haven’t been to yet, you are missing out! This tutorial is from a retreat the writer did at Glen Mooar Cottage.  Felted soap is a bar of soap that has matted wool surrounding it – turning it into a wash cloth embedded with soap.  Skip the shower gel! This bar of soap will give you luscious lather.  It is a simple craft – just a bar of […]



How To Make Pure Coconut Oil Soap

Amazing recipe that can be altered to make both beautifully lathering body soap, or laundry soap. The video shows how to make shampoo bars and the website contains the recipes to make several other types of coconut oil soap.  If you’ve always wanted to try soap making, this is a great soap to start with. Her instructions are clear and the soap is only 3 ingredients.  You can add essential […]



Easy Melt and Pour Galaxy Soap

This is a super easy tutorial on how to make Galaxy Soap.  She uses Melt and Pour soap base and Cosmetic grade glitter.  She layers soap layers into a soap mold to get a layered look, alternating colors so the soap comes out with a galaxy look. Very cool and very easy to do.  You can get Vegan, Kosher, SLS-Free melt and pour soap to do this recipe here. This […]