DIY Butterfly Chandelier Mobile

This post is several ideas in one, showing how you could create different mobiles, using different styles of butterflies. You can do origami, or cut them yourself, or use ready made butterflies.  Which ever option you use, the results are simply stunning.  This would be a beautiful gift for anyone that loves butterflies, for a nursery, or a little girl’s room. You start with a hoop, some fishing line, and […]


Christmas Township Candle Jar

There is a nothing like a home Christmas, in the world of consumption and excess.  This simple jar is pretty, functional, and easy to do.  The author provides a free template to cut out of scrapbook paper.  All you need beyond that is an empty jar, the template, Epsom salts, glue and Santa Snow. You cut out the template she provides. Next, cover the top third of the outside of […]


Awesome Halloween Spell Books

Great way to repurpose an old book, or to take a new journal book and make it into a fun Halloween “spell” book.  These Halloween themed books take very few items to create, but the effect is really cool! You can use an small plastic Halloween paraphernalia to create whatever theme you want.