Christmas Township Candle Jar

There is a nothing like a home Christmas, in the world of consumption and excess.  This simple jar is pretty, functional, and easy to do.  The author provides a free template to cut out of scrapbook paper.  All you need beyond that is an empty jar, the template, Epsom salts, glue and Santa Snow. You cut out the template she provides. Next, cover the top third of the outside of […]


Autumn Leaf Mason Jar Candle Holder

I tried this craft and though it takes some patience, the results are lovely.  All it takes is leaves, a recycled jar and Mod Podge.  You slather the Mod Podge on the glass and gently lay the leaves on top, adding another coat of the Mod Podge.  It takes some time and some careful handling so you don’t break the leaves, or tear them, but the end result is really […]


Mason Jar Fall Luminary

This is such a beautiful way to recycle a jar and the possibilities are endless. It is kind of one of those – “why didn’t I think of that” crafts!  Using a recycled mason jar (or any sized jar would work), she uses a vinyl adhesive sticker and then paints over the jar with acrylic paint.  She uses multiple layers to achieve the look.  Peeling off the sticker reveals the […]


Creating a Mason Jar Organizer

This is an awesome, easy DIY project to create a mason jar organizer. You can use it to store cosmetic items, or as a flower holder. Very simple, yet very elegant. You only need a few items and this could be made with other types of jars. You are not limited to mason jars. All you need is a pretty board, jars and ring clamps. The board could be old […]