Popsicle Stick Braclets

This would be a great project to do with kids at a party. You would want to do the bands ahead of time, but then let them decorate them.  The hardest, most time consuming part of this project is bending the bands, as you can imagine. The author takes tongue depressors (like popsicle sticks only wider and bigger – the kind doctors use) and puts them in boiling water for […]


Resin Bracelet with Floral Inserts Tutorial

These gorgeous bracelets are made with resin, poured into a mold and lined with beautiful florals.  This would be a great way to capture flowers from a bridal bouquet, a special anniversary, or just pretty flowers you found in a field! The molds come from a company called Furnityur – they appear to be located in the UK. They have different sizes, so you could make a thinner bracelet, or […]


Salt Dough Pendants

There’s nothing new about salt dough, but what makes this craft cool is the embellishments – they look beautiful and antique-y.  She uses the standard salt dough recipe, cuts them in interesting shapes and uses a wooden tray to add then texture. Next, she seals them with Krylon Brilliant Silver spray paint, instead of the standard clear fingernail polish.  Then, she uses watered down black paint that is wiped off, […]


Coin Ring Tutorial

Love this tutorial on making coins into rings! Coin Ring – first they take the coin, then drill a hole in the center. They heat the metal with a torch to anneal as needed. Next they take a hammer on a mandrel, switching the way the ring faces on mandrel until they get the ring shaped and sized to what they need.  Next, they pickle to remove firescale, using liver […]