10 minute DIY No Sew T-Shirt Tote Bag Tutorial

This is one of the most brilliant ideas for recycling t-shirts I’ve seen, especially for those of us who can’t/don’t sew.  I love this idea because it is quick, easy and a great way to reuse hubby’s t-shirts once they’ve gotten too ratty to wear to work. All this craft needs is an old t-shirt and sharp scissors. She starts by cutting off the sleeves. Then goes the neckline, so […]



DIY Glow Cloud

This video is from Man vs Pin and shows how to create those awesome glow clouds.  They are super expensive but they look pretty awesome. Man vs Pin shows how to create one very simply using fiber fill, a paper lamp cover, fishing line and an LED light.


Burlap-Covered Storage Box Tutorial

Adorably cute idea for repurposing boxes and decorating them for a nursery, or any organization.  This is a simple craft idea that is much cheaper than buying expensive storage boxes and way cuter! The crafter uses diaper boxes, covers them in paper to help hide the box markings, then covers them in burlap.  She tops the burlap with ribbon and adorable tags.  Because these are diaper boxes, she was able […]